Recent studies have concluded that most of today’s adults are actually making many mistakes when brushing their teeth. If you are reading this, chances are, you have been brushing your teeth at least two to three times daily for most of your life. You may even consider yourself an expert when it comes to brushing. In fact, you may put very little thought into the activity. You probably just do it – as if you are on autopilot. The question is, are you really brushing well? Did you know that a recent report concluded that 4 out of every 10 adults do not brush their teeth daily? Approximately 41% of adults state that they purposely keep their mouth closed during pictures because they are embarrassed by the appearance of their teeth. If you want the best smile possible, it is imperative that you read this guide. In doing so, you will learn the most common brushing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake # 1: You Do Not Spend Enough Time Brushing
The first and most common mistake made by today’s adult – in terms of brushing – is not spending enough time engaging in the task. There is a debate among most about how long is the right length of time that one should brush. Many state it is 30 seconds; others claim it is a full minute. You will be surprised to know that you should brush for – at LEAST – two full minutes. According to a survey from 2010, though, most adults spend about 45 seconds brushing their teeth. This simply is not enough time. If you are not brushing for two minutes, start right away!

Mistake # 2: You Fail to Use Toothpaste That Does Not Contain Fluoride
It is a known fact that not all products are created equally. The same holds true for toothpaste. Not all toothpaste contains fluoride; however, this is an important substance. It helps to prevent decay of the teeth and aids in thoroughly cleaning the teeth. While it is commonly found in water, the amounts are typically very low. As an adult, you should brush your teeth a minimum of twice daily with a toothpaste that contains anywhere from 1350ppm to 1500ppm of fluoride.

Mistake # 3: You Rinse Your Mouth Immediately after Brushing
When you brush your teeth, it is common practice to rinse your mouth afterwards with water; however, this may prove to be highly detrimental. Naturally, you may spit after you have completed the brushing. You will just want to avoid rinsing with water because this reduces the concentrations of fluoride that are within the mouth. You should give the fluoride time to thoroughly soak the teeth and work its magic. If you absolutely must rinse, ensure that you use a mouthwash that contains fluoride.

Thank you for reading this week’s installment of our series, Common Brushing Mistakes Made by Today’s Adults. We encourage you to bookmark us and return to read the next installment of this series. Until then, be sure to brush for two full minutes, use a toothpaste that has an adequate amount of fluoride, and avoid rinsing the mouth with water immediately after brushing. If you must rinse, use a fluoride-based mouth rinse. For more information on dental health, visit our blog at: