While most dental injections and wisdom tooth extractions result in no complications, there is one that may occur; that is, nerve damage. This is professionally referred to as “dental paresthesia”. Essentially, this term refers to the nerve damage as a type of complication that may happen immediately following a dental injection or as a result of an extraction of a wisdom tooth. When an individual experiences this type of problem it typically impacts the tissues and/or the structures that are in or even around the mouth. Nerve damage results in a type of altered sensation that may be prolonged or even permanent. In most instances, the injection or extraction has caused the nerve to become bruised, crushed, or simply, stretched. In very rare occasions, the nerve damage may have been a result of a nerve becoming severed during an injection and/or extraction.

nerve damage after injectionDental Injections
Routine dental injections have been known to result in nerve damage. There are many reasons why this type of damage may occur:

  1. In some instances, the trauma to the nerve comes as a result of the needle that is used for the dental injection.
  2. In many cases, a hematoma may cause the nerve damage. When a dental needle moves through the soft tissues in and/or around the mouth, the blood vessels may rupture. This releases blood. A hematoma may then develop and become restricted. This then may result in undue pressure being placed on the nerve fibers.
  3. Finally, a dental injection may cause a type of local chemical-based damage to the nerve fibers as a result of the neurotoxicity level of the anesthetic being introduced to the mouth.

nerve damage after extractionWisdom Tooth Extractions
If a person has oral surgery performed in order to extract wisdom teeth, nerve damage may occur. In most instances, the experience directly correlates with the position of the wisdom tooth within the jawbone and its location to the nerves in that area of the mouth. If a nerve is located in close proximity to the wisdom tooth that is being extracted, it may be traumatized due to the manipulation that is required to remove that tooth. In addition to this, nerve damage may occur due to the following:

  1. The tooth may be forced for successful extraction against the nerve.
  2. The various types of dental instruments that are used for the purpose and extent of extraction may traumatize the nerve.
  3. The root of the wisdom tooth being extracted may be intertwined with the nerve.

Nerve damage is an unfortunate event that may occur as a result of receiving a dental injection or a wisdom tooth extraction. When nerve damage has occurred, the individual may start to experience odd sensations in the area, or, even a total loss of sensation.

Many may experience numbness, while others experience pain that is often described as “pins and needles”. In some instances, patients may experience a combination of both.

The sensory issues may be quite troublesome and may even detrimentally impact an individual’s quality of life.

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