dental-care-phobiaObtaining dental care as a PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) sufferer may prove to be an exceptionally challenging task. PTSD is a condition that commonly develops after a person has experienced an ordeal that involved their physical harm, or a threat that physical harm could occur. Most people that have PTSD develop it after personal experiences; however, this is not always the case. In some instances, this disorder develops as a result of harm or threat of harm to a loved one, or witnessing an event that was particularly traumatic. At Richmond Family Dentistry, we know the challenges that you face in obtaining dental care if you have been diagnosed with PTSD. In fact, we work closely with our patients with this condition to ensure their comfort level in obtaining care from our facility.

The Problem
As a dental provider to individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder, we are aware of the difficulty in trusting us to handle the dental work that you need. However, PTSD is not a condition that may be discovered on a routine visual-based dental exam. If you suffer from this disorder, it is important to let us know. While we typically see PTSD patients that exhibit increased amounts of anxiety, a high level of fear, exceptional pain, and standard dysfunction, not all cases are in the same. In fact, PTSD is often considered an “invisible illness” because the symptoms of the disorder are not always displayed. If you have this problem, though, it is imperative that you let our team know. This way, we may appropriately manage your case and may help you overcome any complications you experience while receiving dental care.

Anxiety at the Core
According to medical professionals, post-traumatic stress disorder is categorized as a type of anxiety disorder. Any form of abuse, being assaulted, experiencing accidents, living through natural disasters, working through combat, or being involved in a terrorist attack may all lead to the development of the issue. It is possible for one to experience intrusive memories, to re-experience certain events, to display avoidance behaviors, have a high level of arousal, have mood swings, experience problems with the memory, and suffer from cognitive problems when receiving dental care. Ultimately, though, anxiety is at the core of PTSD. If you have this condition and require dental care, we may be able to provide you with treatments that will curb the PTSD symptoms and make your appointment much more comfortable.

It is a known fact that most people in the United States, or at least 80%, experience some level of anxiety about receiving dental care; however, for those that have PTSD, this anxiety may prove to make seeking dental care even more challenging. Richmond Family Dentistry is sensitive to the needs of all of our patients – especially those that have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Not only will you find that we are empathetic to your condition, but, that we have a large assortment of treatments available that will subside any anxiety that you may experience. Instead of neglecting the dental care that you need because of the fear and anxiety that goes along with post-traumatic stress disorder, simply let us help you through. For more information, contact us today by calling: 765-962-3000